Cheryl Mee


In her former role as Director of Nursing Education and Assessment Consulting for Elsevier, Cherie leads the faculty education team as they assist faculty integrating digital products in their curriculum to promote critical thinking and decision making in teaching strategy. Additionally, Cherie oversees the team as they assist faculty in developing testing and remediation policies and using data analytics to improve student outcomes.

Cheryl has demonstrated her commitment to nursing scholarship, service, diversity in nursing, cultural competence, and improved health for the underserved throughout her career. In the role of Editor-in-Chief for the journal Nursing, she contributed to the professional development of nurses through the highest circulating national nursing journal. She authored articles addressing the current, persistent, challenging problems confronting nurses delivering direct patient care such as health care error, nurse autonomy, team competence, salaries, overtime, and sexual stereotypes. In her previous role as Vice President of Nursing and Health Professions journals at Elsevier, she led a team of publishers serving the nursing profession and nursing societies. Cherie’s publications number is over 130, evidencing consistent contributions to nursing.

Cheryl is on the Board of Americans for Native Americans where she has worked to provide scholarships, NCLEX fees, and varied clinical experiences for Native American nursing students. She developed a cultural exchange bringing Pennsylvania nurses to New Mexico. Recognizing the need for health screening for Navajo elementary students and to provide a meaningful experience for nursing students, she planned an annual fall trip for Pennsylvania nurse volunteers to provide health screening along with the nursing students.  Her thorough assessment and creativity enhanced the education of the nursing students, the health of elementary students, and the cultural perspective of the volunteer nurses.


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