Greatest HESI Benefits for Faculty

For many faculty, generating their own course content and exam questions can be challenging and time consuming. Writing a single case study can take hours, and creating a collection of practice test items can take days. With all the demands on faculty time, and so much content to cover, it’s just not feasible to do it all on their own.

That’s where HESI exams and case studies can come in and save the day. Faculty can rely on these great out-of-the-box tools to not only save time, but also expose students to high-quality critical thinking test items. Plus, HESI content is written by faculty from across the country. If a single educator were to write all their own content, it would be narrowly focused on their personal experiences and environment. With HESI, there is a diversity to the questions and case studies that more closely aligns with what students will see on the NCLEX exam.