Addressing Student Clinical Practice Anxiety

White paper: Addressing Student Clinical Practice Anxiety

Authors: Hollie Moots DNP, RN, CNE, CHSE

Anxiety can be crippling for nursing students, with impact on their physical and mental health as well as academic and clinical performance. With the additional challenges and uncertainty in today’s education environment, student anxiety is likely to be more common, with increased feelings of pressure in an unprecedented way.

In this whitepaper, nurse education specialist Hollie Moots outlines the root of nursing student anxiety and ways faculty can combat these fears in their classroom in person or online.

White paper highlights

  • Stress and anxiety are prevalent in college students, with an increasing trend over the years.
  • Nursing students experience higher levels of stress and anxiety compared to students in other health profession programs.
  • Anxiety in nursing students can have negative impacts on their physical and mental health, academic performance, clinical performance, and patient safety. Clinical experiences and the clinical environment are significant sources of stress and anxiety for nursing students. The COVID-19 pandemic has further added challenges to nursing education, including the loss of clinical experiences.