SimChart for the Medical Office

This unique, hands-on learning tool offers your students realistic practice in all the necessary tasks required of a modern medical assistant — from front office (administrative) skills to clinical skills to practice management skills (billing, coding, and insurance). Plus with Elsevier texts, it’s easy to integrate through your entire medical assisting program.

View the Summer 2017 enhancements for SimChart for the Medical Office!


What It Offers Students

  • An intuitive and realistic learning environment
  • The ability to create and chart patients
  • Coverage of all skill areas needed for work in the medical office:
    • front office
    • clinical tasks and charting
    • billing
    • coding
    • insurance
  • 100 interactive assignments tied to 220 ABHES and CAAHEP competencies
  • Assignments written and developed by a panel of MA and Healthcare educators and clinicians

What It Offers Instructors

  • Intuitive functionality making it easy to learn and utilize all of SimChart for the Medical Office's capabilities
  • A faculty portfolio capturing which ABHES and CAAHEP competencies students have fulfilled after completing each assignment
  • A grading tool that automatically grades and records student work individually and by course
  • Classroom ready—assignments and patients are built plus you have a full set of instructor ancillaries