Sherpath AI

A ground-breaking, conversational AI tool for nursing students and educators integrated with Elsevier’s digital solutions. Sherpath AI generates personalized response queries sourced solely from Elsevier’s collection of trusted, evidence-based content.

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Trusted Content

Powered by Elsevier’s collection of vast, evidence-based content

Verifiable Sources

Source citations, allowing users to verify the accuracy and reliability of answers

Diverse Content

Allows for personalized responses in the moment of student’s learning

Interactive Chat Dialogue

Empowering instructors with class preparation and teaching strategies

Personalized Answers

Support for course preparation and teaching strategies.

Responsible AI

For over 10 years, Elsevier has used AI and machine learning responsibly in our products, combining it with unparalleled peer-reviewed content, extensive data sets and sophisticated analytics.

Sherpath AI is developed in line with Elsevier’s Five Responsible AI Principles:

  1. We consider the real-world impact of our solutions on people.
  2. We take action to prevent the creation or reinforcement of unfair bias.
  3. We can explain how our solutions work.
  4. We create accountability through human oversight.
  5. We respect privacy and champion robust data governance.