The ELSIE Awards

Elsevier Leading Stars in Education

This annual award recognizes the work of outstanding nursing faculty members who show exceptional skill, innovation, and effectiveness in promoting student learning, professionalism, and self-confidence.

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Meet the 2016 ELSIE award winners!

Kate K. Chappell, MSN, APRN, CPNP-PC
For Excellence in Simulation

Deborah A. Raines, PhD, EdS, RN, ANEF 
For Excellence in Clinical Education

Bobby Jean Musgrove, RN, MSN
For Excellence in Active Learning

2015 ELSIE Award

Clinical Education

Sue Chase-Cantarini

Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Utah College of Nursing, Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Chase-Cantarini is an exceptional clinical instructor at the School of Nursing at University of Utah. Learn More...


2015 ELSIE Award


Cynthia Rubbelke

e-Technology Coordinator, Saint Louis University, School of Nursing, Saint Louis, MO

Ms. Rubbelke is the e-technology expert for Saint Louis University School of Nursing (SLUSON). Her current role also includes technology expert for the Clarke Learning Laboratory at SLUSON, producing high-fidelity simulation experiences for students. Learn More...


2015 ELSIE Award

Active Learning

Viki Hedderick

Assistant Professor, Edinboro University, Department of Nursing, Edinboro, PA

Never a day goes by when there is not laughter coming from Dr. Hedderick’s classroom. Students rave about her teaching and clamor to get into her classes. Learn More...


2014 ELSIE Award

Clinical Education

Schenita Davis Randolph

Assistant Professor, North Carolina A&T State University School of Nursing, Greensboro, NC

Dr. Randolph’s innovation and teaching strategies for the Community Health Nursing course have been consistently outstanding. Learn More...


2014 ELSIE Award

Interactive Learning in the Classroom

Kimberly Dudas, PhD(c), RN, ANP-BC, CNE
Assistant Professor, Nursing, New Jersey City University School of Nursing, Jersey City, NJ

This innovative, animated educator flipped the classroom at New Jersey City School of Nursing! Dr. Kimberly Dudas uses podcasts and unfolding case studies that incorporate communication, culture, and the QSEN competencies. Learn More...


2014 ELSIE Award


Mashawna Hamilton, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor of Nursing, Ohio University Southern, Ironton, OH

Ms. Hamilton's innovative practice includes superior instruction in regards to using SimChart to prepare LPN-RN students for the electronic health record documentation required in the clinical setting. Learn More...


2013 ELSIE Award

Active Learning in the Classroom

Sharon Hewner

Associate Professor, University of Buffalo School of Nursing, Buffalo, NY

In her undergraduate leadership course, Dr. Hewner’s aim was to increase students’ exposure to the nurse’s role in promoting patient safety and quality improvement today’s ever-changing, complex health care environment. Learn More...


2013 ELSIE Award

Clinical Education

Michelle Kelly
Associate Professor, Sonoma State University, Sonoma, CA

Michelle is an innovative educator whose most notable endeavor was designing and piloting a new Clinical Care Transitions Practicum. Learn More...


2013 ELSIE Award


Debora Tracey
Clinical Lab & Simulation Coordinator, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey–School of Nursing (UMDNJ-SN), Newark, NJ

Debora designed the simulation lab and some her innovations include incorporating simulation throughout the BSN curriculum, creating skills videos, and integrating technologies into the skills lab environment. Learn More...


2012 ELSIE Award

Technology in the Classroom

Sarah Farrell

Associate Professor, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Dr. Farrell teaches informatics, health policy, psychiatric nursing, leadership, and an intraprofessional course on “evaluating health information on the web.” Read More...