Amanda Siebert-Evenstone


Amanda Siebert-Evenstone is an educational researcher and evaluator who has investigated the role of group work in computer-supported learning environments, modeling and scripting for group discussions, temporal segmentation methods in discourse analysis, and the effect of place in online education. Amanda currently is employing mixed-methods and quantitative ethnographic research to investigate the role of community engagement projects on STEM identity development and student experience.

Siebert-Evenstone is also a creative producer and designer of online learning technologies that have addressed environmental science, thinking and learning, and mixed-methods research. Currently, Amanda is developing curricula, materials, and dynamic videos for a newly developed and online Master’s of Learning Analytics degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Amanda is an award-winning instructor and is currently teaching courses in the Educational Psychology department at UW-Madison.

Amanda earned their Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a focus in Learning Sciences and holds Master’s degrees in both Learning Sciences and Environment and Resources.