Student Learning in Simulation Learning System with Virtual Reality

A Quantitative Ethnographic Examination of a Fundamentals of Nursing Scenario

At Elsevier, we strive to empower nursing programs with curricular solutions that are beneficial for cultivating the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes students need to excel on the NCLEX and in practice. Through Elsevier digital solutions, we are committed to supporting faculty in meeting their teaching, learning, and assessment needs. Our educational solutions focus on three primary areas to support students’ knowing, doing, and becoming competent nursing professionals: building knowledge, applying clinical judgment, and assessing & reviewing.

This white paper uses Quantitative Ethnographic (QE) approaches for examining how students’ clinical competencies are nurtured through their participation in Simulation Learning System (SLS) with Virtual Reality (VR) for RN. SLS with VR, developed in partnership with SimX, is a curricular solution designed to help faculty cultivate students’ ability to “think like a nurse” in authentic learning situations where knowledge acquisition and clinical judgment application are tightly integrated. The research team examined discourse data from two groups of sophomore students and their teacher who were located at a public college in the northeastern region of the United States. Specifically, data from two simulation sessions (October and November 2020) were examined, where a Fundamentals of Nursing scenario was used during the SLS with VR Fall 2020 Study.

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