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Information and insight on the trends at the forefront of education today.


With our content webinars, you can get valuable information and tips on using Elsevier’s content in the classroom, leveraging adaptive technologies to engage students, and more!

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Curricular Trends

Browse our archive for webinars on topics that are changing the landscape of curriculum development, such as transitioning to a concept-based curriculum and incorporating technology in the classroom.

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eLearning and Active Learning

Whether it’s active learning, flipping the classroom, or educational technology, these are the issues that have educators talking. Learn more about these hot topics here.

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Faculty Development

This collection of topics delivers key strategies and information to help faculty stay at the top of their game and improve outcomes in the classroom.

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HESI Training

HESI’s Review & Testing solution allows you to elevate your program, pass rates, and students’ exam performance, and with these webinar topics you’ll learn valuable tips to maximize what HESI can do for you.

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Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

From incorporating CPT changes to updates on ICD-10, get the latest information on what’s happening in the field of medical billing and coding.

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Elsevier eBooks

How do you implement ebooks in the classroom and make the most of them as teaching tools? Those are the types of questions these engaging webinars will answer.

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Discover how proven review and testing solutions for Radiography are helping students tackle the increasing rigors and passing standards of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT®) exam.

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Simulations are playing an increasingly important role in the classroom, and with today’s technology, there is a growing number of ways that educators can engage students throughout the curriculum. Find the latest news on simulations here.

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