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“NCLEX success is especially a huge deal for me. I love being in the classroom and witnessing the entire learning process.”

Sherpath Helped Baylor Nursing Students Improve NCLEX Scores

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Contemporary Nursing, 8th Edition



ISBN: 9780323554206

Conceptual Foundations, 7th Edition



ISBN: 9780323551311

Professional Nursing, 9th Edition



ISBN: 9780323551137

Nursing Today, 10th Edition



ISBN: 9780323642088

Ethics & Issues In Contemporary Nursing,



ISBN: 9780323697330

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Our solutions for Issues & Trends

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Sherpath is the innovative teaching and learning technology designed specifically for healthcare education. It features an Elsevier ebook and interactive digital lessons with built-in assessments and adaptive quizzing assignments that allow students to learn and apply their knowledge in a more engaging way. Plus, teaching resources and insightful assignment dashboards help you track student interactions and identify individuals who might require additional remediation. Learn more.

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More than just words on a screen, Elsevier’s eBooks on VitalSource offer a better way for students to connect not only with the content, but also with their peers and instructors. Easy-to-use, interactive features let students make highlights, share notes, run instant searches, and so much more. Best of all, our ebooks are accessible online through Evolve or with apps for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.

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Online Courses

Elsevier’s online courses feature ready-to-use modular lessons that are easy to integrate into your course, simplify teaching, and help engage students of all learning styles. Interactive exercises and learning tools include case studies, videos, animations, games, puzzles, quizzes, audio clips, and more.