Correlation Between HESI Admission Assessment Exam Results and Student Persistence in Nursing Programs

Nursing school is notoriously difficult, and not everyone who enters a program will see it all the way through to completion. The HESI Admission Assessment (A2) Exam evaluates the aptitude of prospective students in key areas such as English, math, and science, and many Nursing programs use it to help them admit the best students. But can the A2 help address the issue of student attrition?

In several peer-reviewed studies, HESI A2 scores have been strongly correlated with first-semester course grades and Nursing program completion. In the example shown below, Chen and Voyles (2013) found a statistically significant relationship between students’ composite and component scores on the A2 Exam and their first-semester completion rates. For more details on this and related studies, please click on the “Download” link below.

Source: Chen, S., & Voyles, D. (2013). HESI Admission Assessment Scores: Predicting student success. Journal of Professional Nursing, 29(2), S32-S37.

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