Webinars for HESI Training

HESI’s Review & Testing solution allows you to elevate your program, pass rates, and students’ exam performance, and with these webinar topics you’ll learn valuable tips to maximize what HESI can do for you.

Best Practices in Data Analytics

This webinar will help you better understand the benefits of data analysis and the types of data available from HESI exams, as well as best practices for using data-driven insights to help improve program outcomes.

Remediation and Testing Focused Progression

Student success in nursing programs is typically measured by success after graduation on the licensure exam. Without adequate support as students progress through their nursing programs, many students will not get the chance to get to this endpoint. Student progression should be guided in the development of test taking and study skills and much in the same way they are guided by their progression into more difficult courses in the curriculum. Social support of nursing students is necessary to ensure student success. Guiding students in remediation of content is a form of social support to help students be successful. Through the use of HESI testing and study materials, faculty can assist students in preparing a study portfolio for successful remediation.

Webinar by: Karen Montalto, PhD

Radiography HESI Testing

With the increasing rigors and passing standards of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT®) exam, students need an assessment tool that can help create the testing dynamics they would encounter on the ARRT exam. Likewise faculty need an assessment tool to help improve student program results and ensure their students are confidently prepared to pass the exam.

Webinar by: David J. Heflin M.S., R.T.(R), R.D.M.S., R.V.T.