Webinars for Simulations

Simulations are playing an increasingly important role in the classroom, and with today’s technology, there is a growing number of ways that educators can engage students throughout the curriculum. Find the latest news on simulations here.

Improving and Better Engaging the Millennial Student Through Simulation

This webinar will help you learn how to integrate simulation into your classroom and create a safe and collaborative environment when teaching millennial-aged students.

Integrating Simulation in your Concept Based Curriculum

During this webinar, you’ll gain insightful information on how to incorporate clinical applications in a concept-based curriculum. Whether your institution has already moved to a concept-based curriculum, or you’re in the exploration stage, you’ll acquire valuable information about conceptual learning and see the simulations tools in action. You’ll learn to help students develop their own clinical frameworks in which to experience, link and apply the nursing concepts. The webinar will be hosted by Nurse Tim (Tim J. Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE), a specialist on teaching and learning in nursing education.

Webinar by: Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, FAAN

Electronic Health Records: Bringing Active Learning to the Classroom

Learn how to engage learners through integrating an electronic health record in the classroom. Incorporating an Electronic Health Record into your curriculum provides students with a tool to help them synthesize what they’ve learned by creating a real world documentation experience. Your program will benefit from a centralized tracking tool and your students will appreciate the experience and confidence that will further prepare them for the nursing profession.

Webinar by: Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, FAAN

Implementing Electronic Health Records into your Classroom

In this webinar you will learn why it is important to make plans to implement EHRs into your curriculum and how to perform basic EHR tasks using MedTrak Systems. You'll also learn about new products that fulfill medical assisting EHR competencies and how to meet the requirements for medical front office skills using an EHR.

Webinar by: Carol J. Buck, MS, CPC, CCS-P

Teaching Electronic Health Records: How to Meet Your Curriculum's Needs

During this Elsevier Educational Webinar, you'll learn how to implement EHRs into your classroom, what to do to meet EHR accreditation competencies, and about Elsevier products that fulfill medical assisting EHR competencies.

Webinar by: Amy M. DeVore, MSTD, CPC, (AAMA), CEHRS

Electronic Health Records to Aid Clinical Reasoning in Your Nursing Curriculum

During this webinar, Tim will teach you engaging methods of incorporating electronic health records into your classroom, lab, and clinical setting curriculum. You'll also learn how SimChart, Elsevier’s electronic charting solution, prepares your students for a successful nursing career.

Webinar by: Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, FAAN

Implementing Simulation into your LVNLPN Curriculum

During this webinar, you’ll hear Melody’s best practices, strategies and tips for easily incorporating simulation into an LPN/LVN program. See a live demonstration of Elsevier’s Simulation Learning System which features evidence-based scenarios, an Electronic Medical Record, and teaching support for each step of simulation, from preparation through debriefing. Learn ways to utilize the Simulation Learning System both inside and outside the simulation lab.

Webinar by: Melody Bethards, MSN, RN, CNE

Maximizing the Utility of Simulation in your Program

During this webinar, Daniel will guide you through the entire Simulation process, from Pre-Simulation to the debriefing period, explaining the elements necessary to achieve success and comprehension in your students. He'll also introduce you to valuable resources that you can utilize to increase and enhance Simulation in your classroom. Finally, he'll explain industry trends in Simulation and highlight why Simulation is so critical to your nursing curriculum.

Webinar by: Daniel Weberg, RN, MHI, BSN

Implementing Simulation into your Nursing Curriculum

During this webinar, you'll learn Melody's best practices, strategies, and tips for incorporating Simulation into the classroom and facilitating scenarios effectively. You'll also learn how Simulation promotes critical thinking and problem-based learning while also allowing students to actively learn without risk to live patients. Finally, you'll learn how the Simulation Learning System allows students to reference important patient data and input all relevant documentation during or after Simulation.

Webinar by: Melody Bethards, MSN, RN, CNE

Encourage Electronic Documentation throughout your Nursing Curriculum

During the webinar, Dr. Bristol teaches how SimChart, Elsevier's electronic health record system, can be used throughout your program, giving students hands-on experience from fundamentals through graduation. He'll also give tips and implementation strategies for incorporating an electronic health record system into the classroom, Simulation lab, and clinical setting. Finally, you'll learn how using SimChart will boost your students' clinical reasoning abilities.

Webinar by: Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, FAAN

Simulation - Bringing it to Life in Your Curriculum

Simulation is innovation! There is no better or more effective way to create realism in your program than the utilization of Simulation. During this webinar, Daniel Weberg will share tips and specific implementation tactics that have helped him in his own classroom and Simulation lab

Webinar by: Daniel Weberg, RN, BSN, RHI