Impacting Learning Outcomes: Scientific Evidence for Elsevier 360 for Nursing

White paper: Impacting Learning Outcomes: Scientific Evidence for Elsevier 360 for Nursing

Authors: Christine Gouveia PhD

At Elsevier, we are committed to empowering nursing programs with programmatic solutions to support students’ NCLEX-RN® readiness and clinical practice in healthcare settings. Elsevier 360 for Nursing is a comprehensive, personalized program solution that supports faculty in meeting their teaching, learning, and assessment needs using innovative pedagogical approaches and interconnected digital technologies.

Our curriculum solution focuses on three primary areas to support these needs: Building Knowledge, Applying Clinical Judgment, and Assessing and Reviewing.

The Elsevier Applied Learning Sciences (ALS) team focuses on translating academic research into evidence-based practices to provide a foundation for product design. We also iteratively test the effectiveness, validity, and impact of Elsevier’s digital solutions through academic-industry partnerships. This collaborative research plays an important part in bridging educational theories, program design and policies, and teaching practices to improve student learning in nursing education.

This paper reports evidence for the effectiveness of Elsevier 360 for Nursing. Findings are drawn from a selection of research conducted by the ALS team from 2020-2022, including studies conducted by the Shadow Health Education, Research, and Design team.

White paper highlights

  • The paper provided continuing evidence for the validity and effectiveness of Elsevier 360 for Nursing to help nursing programs meet their learning, teaching, and assessment goals.
  • These findings also provide nurse educators with evidence of effectiveness to inform their testing, NCLEX-RN preparation, and remediation processes.
  • Nursing programs’ unique qualities such as student and faculty characteristics, curricula, and testing policies should be considered when generalizing the impact of these results on their programs.