HESI® for Nursing

Elsevier's complete review and testing solution enables you to analyze and improve student performance from admission to graduation. When combined with our adaptive and online learning tools, HESI’s valid and reliable assessments and preparation products work seamlessly together to help analyze and improve student performance, promote clinical judgment, and help your students and program achieve even greater levels of success.

HESI® LPN/LVN Nursing Solutions

HESI’s products for LPN/LVN equip you and your students with comprehensive tools in reviewing, testing and assessing.  Our LPN/LVN program portfolio allows students to learn and master their clinical judgment skills, preparing them for success on the NCLEX®, and in their future careers.

“With one product line, one package, HESI makes it much easier to make sense of everything.”

Full HESI curriculum integration — with a standardized remediation process — boosts Marshall University students' NCLEX success

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HESI Assessment and Exam Solutions for LPN/LVN

Support and measure student performance with LPN/LVN exams and assessments with HESI. Our secure and reliable products provide students with the readiness they need to succeed on the NCLEX thanks to valuable practice from a comprehensive exam and review process. HESI’s LPN/LVN exams empower you to inspire your students throughout your program and on licensure exams.

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HESI Practice Solutions

Ensure students are confident and prepared for the NCLEX-PN with HESI practice materials. Designed to cover multiple layers of learning throughout your curriculum, these graded or self-study assignments provide valuable performance data and are an effective way to reinforce student retention of core content, assess their understanding of key concepts, and gauge their ability to make sound clinical decisions.

HESI LVN/LPN Review Solutions

Our LVN/LPN review products are comprehensive and reliable, ensuring your students are given the right feedback throughout their course to prepare them for the NCLEX exams.


  • HESI Live Review

    HESI Live Review has been created with each individual student in mind, helping them to confidently prepare for and pass the NCLEX. With onsite instruction from expert nurse educators with customizable programming, HESI Live Review enables you to narrow in on the topics and specific areas where your students need the most focus and guidance.

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  • HESI Saunders Online Review

    With fully interactive and individualized features, HESI Saunders Online Review provides your students with the best review and feedback process thanks to market-leading expertise.

    HESI/Saunders Online Review for the NCLEX-PN Examination

HESI Nursing RN

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