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Elsevier’s curriculum solution for Medical Assisting offers the cutting-edge content, innovative digital products, and insightful assessment and remediation tools you need to achieve positive program outcomes and prepare students for credentialing exam and career success.

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“Before we had HESI what we would do is I would develop tests, I would grab old review books and things like that, and we would make tests. But we wanted a better resource.”

HESI & EAQ contribute to Stark State’s Medical Assisting 91% CMA exam pass rate

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Kinn's The Administrative Medical Assistant, 15th Edition

Brigitte Niedzwiecki and Julie Pepper


ISBN: 9780323874236

Kinn's The Clinical Medical Assistant, 15th Edition

Brigitte Niedzwiecki and Julie Pepper


ISBN: 9780323873765

Kinn's The Medical Assistant, 15th Edition

Brigitte Niedzwiecki and Julie Pepper


ISBN: 9780323871167

Clinical Procedures for Medical Assistants, 11th Edition

Kathy Bonewit-West


ISBN: 9780323758581

Medical Office Administration, 5th Edition

Brenda A. Potter


ISBN: 9780323763837

Essentials of Human Diseases and Conditions, 7th Edition

Margaret Schell Frazier


ISBN: 9780323712675

Elsevier's Medical Assisting Exam Review, 6th Edition

Deborah E. Holmes


ISBN: 9780323734127

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Our digital solutions for Medical Assisting

Medical Office Curriculum Catalog

Download the full curriculum catalog for medical office.

Student using Sherpath


Sherpath is the innovative teaching and learning technology designed specifically for healthcare education. It features an Elsevier ebook and interactive digital lessons with built-in assessments and adaptive quizzing assignments that allow students to learn and apply their knowledge in a more engaging way. Plus, teaching resources and insightful assignment dashboards help you track student interactions and identify individuals who might require additional remediation.

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Medical office

SimChart® for the Medical Office

Simulating real-world patient data systems, this unique program gives students realistic practice performing necessary skills required of a clinical medical assistant, administrative medical assistant, medical biller, and medical coder in the modern medical office.

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Student using SimChart Practice

SimPractice™ for Medical Assisting

With fully immersive, case-based simulation scenarios, SimPractice challenges students to practice performing key medical assisting skills in a safe, yet realistic environment that helps them strengthen their clinical competency, expand their critical thinking abilities, and develop essential soft skills.

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Health Professionals using HESI

HESI® for Health Professions

From choosing which candidates to admit into your program to preparing students for credentialing exams, HESI’s review and testing solution provides the necessary tools for program and career success. HESI practice products support student learning, while valid, reliable exams provide insights for assessing your curriculum and personalized remediation to ensure students are exam and career ready.

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Woman studying

Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing (EAQ)

This formative assessment tool serves up personalized questions to help students succeed in their courses, study more effectively for high-stakes exams, and remediate on weak topics. It’s ideal for use throughout the curriculum to prepare and remediate students for everything from midterms, to HESI summative exams, to licensure and certification exams — all in an individualized, interactive way.

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nurse learning with a group of other nurses


With the unique SIMTICS for Medical Assisting, students can learn and practice a wide range of medical assisting procedures and protocols online at any time and anywhere. They can prepare for labs and externships, and go back later to keep skills fresh.

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"Student engagement is critical for student success and retention. Sharing related stories and focusing assignments on real-life medical assistant tasks will promote student learning."

Brigitte Niedzwiecki, RN, MSN, RMA