Digital Standardized Patients: Fatima Khan

In a Medical-Surgical DCE, students meet Fatima Khan, a 44-year-old type 1 diabetic who is pre-operative and awaiting a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. As part of this simulation, students practice healthcare considerations that may be important to Muslim patients, including diet, modesty and privacy, touch restriction and consent, and substance use restriction.

To develop Fatima’s character, the Shadow Health team drew upon published research and best practices for South Asian/Muslim patients in hospital settings. Muslim women in particular report provider bias, and a lack of sensitivity or understanding around concepts of modesty and dress. To accommodate Fatima’s needs and because the hijab does not obstruct or interfere with the surgery site, Fatima wears her hijab during the operation.

Students interview the patient and are challenged with recognizing a change in patient status. In this simulation, Preceptor Diana remains present in the room during the patient assessment to fulfill the patient’s request of having a same-gender provider present.  Using clinical reasoning to implement safe, effective, patient-centered care, the students create a culturally appropriate care plan for Fatima.

Simulation in Shadow Health

  • Undergraduate DCE: Medical-Surgical DCE