Digital Standardized Patients: Xavier Daniels

Xavier Daniels is a 54-year-old Black man who has come to the clinical for an establishing care visit during the Advanced Primary Care: Adult DCE. He was laid off three years ago and did not have health insurance until beginning his current job as an electrician two months prior to this visit. Xavier last saw a provider three and a half years ago, at which point he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. He felt dismissed by this provider, who did not offer education about high blood pressure management and insinuated Xavier would not be able to afford future visits.

Xavier felt his last provider was “rude and dismissive” – potentially due to his race. This type of racial bias by healthcare providers impacts patient’s ability to receive proper care. Students in this DCE practice building trust and rapport as a new primary care provider, exploring barriers to care including experienced racial bias that have resulted in unmet health needs. Students will also assess Xavier’s health concerns and engage in therapeutic communication to create a treatment plan for him.

Simulations in Shadow Health

  • Graduate DCE: Advanced Primary Care: Adult DCE